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Archive recordings (Saturday / Sunday)

Saturday 3/14/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Solar Trance, You, Me, and Dougie.

Sunday 3/8/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: NO SHOW

Saturday 3/7/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Satellite Theory, Edgefield C. Johnston, Manifest

Sunday 3/1/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: The Catalogue Podcast (Christopher Melton and Joshua Evans), Captain Moonlight, Ramona Deflowered, and a special appearance by weekday host Jammin’ Jamie Holmes and Cici Rider Pants on Fire.

Saturday 2/28/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Mental Fixation, Down to Bizness segment with The Biz who brought guest Mojo Williams Bands.

Sunday 2/22/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: Yankee BBQ Band.

Saturday 2/21/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: The Klose Encounters, Marie And The Americans with special guest co-host Jess from Ramona Deflowered.

Sunday 2/15/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: Psycho Beach Party.

Saturday 2/14/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Spaceship.

Sunday 2/8/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: Candy Coated Evil, Identity Crisis.

Saturday 2/7/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Steven Woolley, Bitter Pill, Ramona Deflowered.

Sunday 2/1/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: NO SHOW – Super Bowl XLIX

Saturday 1/31/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Down to Bizness with The Biz, DIBIASE, Captain Moonlight.

Sunday 1/25/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: Whoa Thunder, The Good Earth, Ursa Major.

Saturday 1/24/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Conquer As They Come, The Faded Truth, Metanoya.

Sunday 1/18/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: Indian Blanket

Saturday 1/17/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Guave, Rev Nation, Electric Garden.

Sunday 1/11/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: NO SHOW – Ice-o-pocolypse

Saturday 1/10/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: The Winks, Five to Midnight, The Homewreckers.

Sunday 1/4/15 – 6-9pm show lineup: LOGOS, Patrick Waldschmidt Jr.

Saturday 1/3/15 – 3-6pm show lineup: Adam Klein, Richard Strater, Decedy.

Sunday 12/28/14 – 6-9pm show lineup: Common Jones.

Saturday 12/27/14 – 3-6pm show lineup: David Christensen of Tune St. Louis, and a few tunes by special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 12/21/14 – 6-9pm show lineup: School of Rock St. Louis.

Saturday 12/20/14 – 3-6pm show lineup: Vote for Pedro (3 Pedros), Addicted – along with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 12/14/14 – 6-9pm show lineup: Discrepancies, Inner Outlines, The Wilderness.

Saturday 12/13/14 – 3-6pm show lineup: Barewire, Ashes and Iron, The Few – along with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 12/7/14 – 6-9pm show lineup: Les Gruff and The Billy Goat, Conner Low and Race Simmons and Christian.

Saturday 12/6/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Dance Floor Riot, Hillary Fitz, and Mountain Sprout – along with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 11/30/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Diamond Cut Blues Band, Common Time, Acoustic Anonymous.

Saturday 11/29/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: You, Me, and Dougie, The Winks, The Wackness – along with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 11/23/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Midnight Hour, Fragile Porcelain Mice, Inimical Drive.

Saturday 11/22/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Evan from the band – Made in Waves, Mixed Emotions, along with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 11/16/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Joe Mancuso and Dave Black, Hollow Point Heroes, Double Shot.

Saturday 11/15/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Playing tracks from our past guests with Music Mark, Phil Shaw, and a special guest appearance by 007 of UIR (Urban International Radio)!

Sunday 11/9/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Ron Finger, Jack Nations and the Sleepers, River Kittens.

Saturday 11/8/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Live Remote for “TAP for a Cause” from The Tap Restaurant & Brewery located at 3803 Elm Street in St. Charles, MO and Barewire in the studio with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 11/2/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Shark Dad, Michael and Abby, Cold Hearted Stranger, Micaela Mohr, Trevor Gertonson, Kevin, Clay Arnold and Justin Lowder.

Saturday 11/1/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Final Drive, Minus Me with special guest host from You, Me, and Dougie Anthony Doria.

Sunday 10/26/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Typhoon Jackson, Hobo Empire, Ekkomouse.

Saturday 10/25/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Comedian HD Reeves, Decedy.

Sunday 10/19/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Fivefold, Faded and The Biz, Tony. *** Something happened to the saving of the file/final hour of the show, unfortunately Tony’s part of the show was not saved. We apologize, and Tony will be back soon as we have already booked him return date on Monday 10/27.

Saturday 10/18/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: You, Me, and Dougie (UMD) all day Saturday.

Sunday 10/12/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Midnights Calling, Discrepancies, Joe Pastor Legacy Ensemble.

Saturday 10/11/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Delta Sol Revival, Patrick Lee Jones and The Hideaways and the Dam Dams.

Saturday 10/5/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Michael Isenhart, Joshua Evans and Christopher Melton, Thom Houser.

Saturday 10/4/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Rocket Ride, Concoction, Noisy Boyz.

Sunday 9/28/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Shotgun Abby, Bible Belt Sinners, The Piano Dan Band.

Saturday 9/27/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Bud Summers, Unifyah, Joshua Black Wilkins.

Sunday 9/21/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Blackwell, Old Capital Square Dance Club, Jeff Viers, and Lobby Boxer.

Saturday 9/20/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: Blood Brothers, Shanna Fredrick, Nick Bifano & The Innocents and a special unannounced appearance by Fragments a band on tour from Chicago on the Project Independent Tour 2014 who was getting food before their show this evening at the Mad Magician on Manchester.

Sunday 9/14/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Britnah, Daren Graton and Matt Harnish (with a special over the phone performance from Rob Severson), the young talent of The Static Life (Ryan Hoffman and Danny Winkler, both ages 17) and the even younger incredible talent of Race Simmons and Connor Low (both age 14)

Sunday 9/7/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Loop artist Anthony Hines, Comedian Michaela Mohr, Eddie’s Munsters, and an encore performance by the Maness Brothers.

Saturday 9/6/14 – 2-5pm show lineup: The Maness Brothers (Guitardog) and Chris Black and The Eagles of Unemployment and Leonard the Band, Ryan Dalton and Justin Luke (Bareknuckle Comedy), and a phone interview with Clownvis from LA, CA.

Sunday 8/31/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Special guest appearance by Anthony Hines, DJ Blake and Brian Gunderson, Comedian Karen Nelson, Comedian Joshua Proctor, and the all Face the Music jam session.

Sunday 8/17/14 – 5-9pm show lineup: Joe Bizelli “The Biz”, Paydirt (Matt Lindstrom / Steve Burgess), Bobby Ford and the all Face the Music jam session.

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  1. Blood Brothers are rocking it all the way out to Germany. Can’t wait for Shana to hit the airwaves. Your show just became a favorite.

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