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17 Songs Nobody Knows The Words To

It’s The End Of The World by R.E.M
Right,Right? Those are the first 2 words I can here clearly in this song. I think the beauty of I.T.E.O.T.M is that it’s so fast that people probably think that R.E.M is saying something really deep but really the song is most likely just about Andy Kaufman again. They really loved that dude. Also the video doesn’t give you any clues to what they’re saying. If I watched the video on mute (Which is a great way to watch most of R.E.M’s videos) I would guess that this song is about some homeless kid living in some type of meth house……Hey maybe they were on meth when they wrote this song.
Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam
A classic P.Jam song. It sounds like he is saying yellow bed wetter. That would have been a much better way to go. I don’t what a ledbetter is…..or care to look it up. Anyone who says they have any clue what is being said during this song is a god damn liar. I bet the members of Pearl Jam have no clue what the “lyrics” are of this song. I rather get killed by Jeremy than to listen to this song again.
Bennie and The Jets by Elton John
I love me some Elton John. He was like my Kesha before Kesha was my Kesha. But this song I always thought that maybe he did way too many shots of something before doing it. It starts off with him hitting some random key by mistake. I just like that fact that after he was done with the recording he was like “Yep that is the one we’re going to use…..NO! I don’t want to do it again! That was perfect!”
This song was also use to get me mad by my brother growing up. Being a life long New York Jets fan. My brother use to change the lyrics to “Better than The Jets” and that use to get me so f’n mad. Thanks Elton. You could have made it Bennie and The Pats or something.
Have You Ever Seen The Rain by C.C Revival (John Fogerty)
I added a video with the lyrics for this one. Just try to read along. It doesn’t even add up at some parts. Like it says sunny on the video but when he says sunny it sounds nothing like the word. To answer your question John, yes I have seen rain before
We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel
If there was ever a song to prove that lyrics don’t matter in a song it’s this one. He is for real just listing things that happened in each decade but my god it’s catchy! The video makes me ask a lot of questions like is Billy a ghost or or something? Or like a time traveler? Also what’s the deal with those crazy pictures in the back like the dude getting shot in the head or the slave tie to a tree? I feel odd jamming out and seeing someone getting lynched. One of the only parts I know is “JFK blown away!” I love shouting that part. Also who did start the fire? Must have been the some dude that let the dogs out.
Racks by Y.C
Might be the worse out of all of these songs. Racks I think is about money or he might be talking about tits or maybe real racks. I really don’t know cause I can’t understand anything he is saying. You would think with all of that money he could have gotten some subtitles for his video. I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION!
Informer by Snow
I don’t think I need to waste time talking about how you can’t understand anything he is saying in this song. At one point I think he says “lick your boom boom”. I just want to point out some fun things from the video. Like the name of his album. 12 Inches Of Snow? Man, someone thought highly of themselves. The video also points out how far ahead Snow was for his time. Just check out that shirt he is rocking with the Sega Dreamcast logo on it. That didn’t even come out until like 7 years later! But my favorite is when he is locked up in the jail at the end of the video he doesn’t look like a badass rapper he looks like a pedophile
Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
Within first second I get lost. Is he saying “Love is like a bomb?” and it’s all down hill after that. This is one of the songs that comes on at the bar and everyone just waits for the chorus. I don’t think anyone cares what the song is about, they just feel bad for the handicap dude playing drums in the band. I notice that they’re wearing Def Leppard t-shirts while they’re on stage in the video. Something about that just seems lame.
Louie,Louie by The Kingsmen
Pretty much every marching band in every high school played this song. I guess it should speak more how bad The Kingsmen were if any random group of teenagers can play and in many cases make your song better. All of The Kingsmen couldn’t piece a great song together again! That’s a Humpty Dumpty joke! Should I even ask who Louie was? Yea it doesn’t matter
Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men
I feel like every list I make on here I have this song on there……..
Stacy’s Mom by Fountains Of Wayne
This song owned the radio back in 2003. After watching the video Stacy’s mom is a whore. Undressing in front of the window like that. No wonder Rod Stewart turned gay. (She was his wife btw) I like how he couldn’t want to jerk off until he got home. Who would do that in someone’s else bathroom? Just rude.
Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
Right off the bat. Are we really suppose to believe that Boy George could walk around Mississippi in 1870 looking like that? He couldn’t even walk around like that in Mississippi today without being shot at. The video looks like it is based off of the hit movie Maverick. I’m sure Boy George and Mel Gibson would have been great friends
Thong Song by Sisqo
Remember Sisqo?! We all thought he was the second coming of 2-Pac after this was released…..no? Just me? Well after watching this video I will have to question his choice in clothes. All silver dude? Just saying that maybe that thong that his daughter found at the start of the video was his.
Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow
A great feel good song. Every time I hear it it makes me think of summer and just hanging out drinking. Drinking is what Miss. Lance Armstrong must have been doing while writing this song. It puts you such in a great mood that you really don’t care that none of the other lyrics make any god damn sense.
Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani
Gwen was once in a band called No Doubt. They made some great songs but Gwen thought it would be a great idea to make the opposite type of songs. That’s how Hollaback Girl was born. It does help teach people how to spell banana. Outside of that it’s almost heard to listen to without wanting to hang yourself. My favorite part of the video is when she says how she isn’t a hollaback girl while driving around in a car that says “hollaback girl” on the hood. Huh?
Can’t Touch This by M.C Hammer
Why is this song soooooo long? Like what the hell? The video starts out with people handing Mr.Hammer a lot of awards. Awards I’m sure he sold so he can pay his Rent-A-Center bills.
Whoomp! by Tag Team
Tag Team back again!……Were they here before? Tag Team or as I call them the rich man’s N.W.A made this classic and never looked back since. Mostly cause nobody ask them to come back. The video looks like it was made at some type of rave/basketball game/circus. I can only imagine what they said when they saw the finished project. Tag Team broke up in 1998 after one member turned on the other during a match with The Nasty Boyz.
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