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R.I.P Beth Greene

Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here today to say goodbye to Beth Greene. What did we know about Beth? Well we know she knew how to sing some Tom Waits and that she didn’t get to upset when a guy she was dating was killed. Outside of that she was pretty much the white female T-Dog of the gang. She seemed to be just around never really doing anything and when she finally did she was killed off. At least T-Dog went out like a champ and saved Carol. She did save Carol but she didn’t even kill Officer Dawn Lerner. So I guess she is more like the white female Oscar.
Is it just me or are mid season finales the worst thing ever for The Greene family? Last year Beth’s one leg daddy was “ISIS” by The Governor. This year Beth did her best JFK impression. If I was Maggie I would marry Glenn ASAP! Get that last name change so maybe next year’s mid season finale a non-Greene member of the group can have something awful happen to their head.
Also I would like to point out that Beth was shot by a cop. Man how piss must be The Ferguson Police Department be today? They probably said “Why couldn’t the cop kill some asshole like Eugene?! Why the sweet heart!?” Things were finally getting relax around there for crying out loud. I wonder if Jesse Jackson is going to show up in Atlanta today…..probably not. F’n hypocrite. I hoping the episode was going to end with Maggie yelling “BURN THIS BITCH TO THE GROUND!”
Overall I think Beth will be missed. I don’t think she was anyone’s favorite character or anything but she wasn’t like she was Carl. That dude is a dick. She was better than
Father Gabriel. I’m already sick of that dude’s bitching. I would like to think that a zombie apocalypse would prove the lack of god. So get over,pick up sword and start killing walkers! Is it that hard? Also not to sound like a asshole but that church he is so proud about is a shit hole. I seen better crack houses…..not that I seen a lot of crack houses. Beth however wasn’t better than Tara. That chick is growing on me. I love how she “boned” Rick and The Governor. Suck on that Andrea. You thought you were the queen of whores.
So rest in peace Beth. You can go to Walking Dead heaven and hangout with Amy,Jim,Dr.Jenner,Otis,Randall,Jimmy,BigTiny,Penny,Axel,Caesar,Lizzie,Sam,Mary,Martin,Gorman and O’Donnell …….wait a second this isn’t Walking Dead heaven it’s the talking extras purgatory! Sorry Beth but you should have spoken up more before those last 3 episodes. Them the brakes. Say hi to Ed for me.
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Other Lies Eugene Said

OMG! Eugene isn’t a scientist! I know right, who say that coming?! Nobody! (unless you read the comics) It did make me start to wonder, cause you just don’t start out with a big lie like that. He probably has been lying well before the walker apocalypse started. So here is a list of some of other lies he has told.
Hugo was a great movie.
No I don’t jerk off to cows.
I love the name Eugene.
Maroon 5 is like the best band ever.
I have no clue what meth tastes like.
I understood the last episode of Lost
Tony Romo is a pretty good QB
I don’t like Lady Gaga
Yea! I know how to read
My girlfriend is not 13
Hell on Wheels is AMC’s best show
I voted
No I don’t delete my Google history
I buy Maxim Magazine for the great articles and not for those free Axe samples
I know what channel hockey comes on
I miss Michael Brown
I’m not overweight
I didn’t have Mountain Dew for breakfast
I really enjoyed Man Of Steel
Paul Ryan would have made a great V.P
Lil Wayne is better than 2 Chainz
I celebrate Kwanzaa every year
Hey the bible is a good read
No I don’t watch people have sex
I beat Paperboy 2 like 8 times
I don’t live with my mother still
Andrew W.K needs to make a new album
I know pro-wrestling isn’t real
Showtime has better movies than HBO
I get all of those internet memes
I don’t find Kanye West annoying at all
I trust everything Fox News says
I know how to spell kat
Yea I see Waldo.
Texas is a great place to live
I could handle living in a zombie apocalypse
I drink water all the time
You will not find me on The Megan’s Law website
I believe Casey Anthony
Nascar is a sport!
I understand the rules of tic-tac-toe
Subway is some great food
I don’t have hepatitis c
There is a god
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